Let children be children

Create a story about responsible children's fashion with us

Since love can be expressed through endless care

Future looks nice

Fruity collections you can't miss

Because the best fashion inspirations are those from nature

We create clothes with a message and focus on positive communication. Take a look at all three fruit collections and taste the best of children's fashion withyour child!

Every weather is good for a walk

A cheerful mood should accompany children every day, all year round, and that's why the clothes at KID STORY are designed for every weather. The result is simple: a smile from morning to night, inside and out.

Click and select collections that are well-suited according to the weather.

Let children be children!

At KID STORY, we believe that it is worth developing creativity
in children allowing them to enjoy every day in their own children’s way...

Oh no, hole in the Knee! We say: Oh yes!

A hole in the knee can be irritating. But there's nothing to worry about, right? Such "maleficence of things...

Let children be children

We write about children's world from the perspective of KID STORY. It’s always up-to-date, and always sensitive. Our mission is to share knowledge.

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