December 04, 2023

We let children be children! Learn about the KID STORY approach

At KID STORY, we believe in fostering creativity in children and letting them enjoy every day. In a childlike way, on their terms. It is with this in mind that we create our clothing lines. We focus on comfort, ease and naturalness.

We weather the storm

We are committed to ensuring that every little one receives clothing from us that allows them to freely explore their child's world.

That's why in KID STORY you will find loose and oversize cuts that give you plenty of room to act. We do away with protruding elements. "Biting" appliqués or other unnecessary additions that only spoil the fun.
We create garments with maximum comfort in mind. Elastic bands, adjustable fastenings, soft trims – these are just some of the solutions we use to ensure that children can move freely and are comfortable in any situation. Whether they are playing in the playground or participating in sporting activities, the clothes in our collections allow them to reach their full potential.

In all the colours of a child's imagination

Every day we help express kid’s creativity, uniqueness and personality.
We are mums of girls and we know very well how important it is that the clothes are available in many colours and have interesting prints.
We consistently operate in the trend of minimalism, while ensuring that our models are aesthetically pleasing, colourful and joyful. Because this is what parents and babies expect.
We design the patterns of KID STORY clothes ourselves, creating unique motifs and fun graphics you won't find anywhere else!

On Friday, Friday and Sunday – the right outfit for every occasion

There is no shortage of important events in a child's world. Whether it's a school reunion, a birthday party, a romp in the playground or a family outing - every occasion calls for appropriately chosen clothing. At KID STORY, we understand these needs very well and offer a wide range of clothes to suit the many events in your child's life.

Our emphasis is on flexibility and versatility. Many of our models are suitable for wearing for both a casual stroll and a family celebration. Each piece in the collection is designed to be easily put together to create a variety of looks. This allows little ones to experiment, express their individuality and create unique combinations to suit their taste and mood.

Because a child is always a child, on Friday, Sunday and Sunday!

No matter if the sun shines

To smile, you need to feel good. And because children get bored when it rains, we come to the rescue! And we offer clothing that is also suitable for these less friendly weather conditions.

One of the key elements we pay attention to are the thermal materials used in the production of the clothes. These innovative fabrics are specifically designed to keep children warm and protect them from the cold. By wearing clothes with thermal materials, children can enjoy playing outside, regardless of the temperature. In addition, these fabrics are also moisture-resistant, meaning you no longer have to worry about getting wet and... sneezing the next day.

There's no bad weather when there's a good outfit. So even if the sun doesn't always shine and your little one has to face rain, cold or wind, there is a solution for that in the form of clothes from KID STORY.

Nothing to worry about – a declaration from mums to mums

Our philosophy focuses on creating clothes with a message that not only meet the highest standards of style and quality, but above all provide comfort and freedom for children.

  • As mums... We know all too well how important it is for little ones to feel comfortable in their own skin. So our clothes are designed with comfort in mind. We don't restrain natural joy and energy. We know that children need space to move freely, run, jump and explore the world.
  • As mums... We understand that every occasion calls for the right outfit. That's why we create clothes that fit perfectly for different situations.
  • As mums... We are aware of the unpredictability of the weather and its impact on our children. That's why our clothes are made of thermal materials that protect against cold and wet weather. Regardless of the weather conditions, children are surrounded by warmth and safety.
  • As mums… We appreciate the importance of expressing ourselves through fashion. That's why our clothes are full of creative patterns, fun prints and juicy colours. We let the children play with fashion. Because after all, having fun is essential!