December 04, 2023

Oh, no! A hole on the knee! We say Oh yes! and give you some ways to play with the 'problem'

A hole on the knee can be annoying. But after all, it's nothing to worry about, right? Such "mischief of inanimate things" just happens, especially during crazy antics. And if there is no crying, the fun can go on! And after the madness is over, let's consider how to remedy it. Here are our tips.

How do you remedy a hole? Proven ways from KID STORY

Be the wizard or sorceress in your child's eyes and turn a damaged item into a new quality!

These tips will help you do just that.

Hand sewing

The method recommended for a small hole. For this, you will need a needle and thread in the colour that best matches the fabric of the garment.

Stitch gently, using small, even stitches. This precision will ensure that any 'imperfections' will not be so visible.
Knit vs. woven
Cerating a knit is working from the bottom up. Carefully and accurately catch the meshes that are opposite each other. Once you have managed to catch all of them, concentrate on sewing the thread.

If, on the other hand, you are sewing damage in the woven, make movements once from the left and once from the right. Thread the needle around the edges of the hole. Pull the vertical thread in the opposite direction of the weave, i.e. under the horizontal thread and then over it. Sew the thread from the inside of the fabric. Done!


When the hole is larger, it may be too late to sew. A patch will work much better to hide an unwanted problem that ruins the fun.

Choose a piece of fabric that matches the colour and pattern of the garment. Pull out a patch large enough to cover the entire hole and plan an extra margin for stitching. Pin the patch to the inside of the garment and sew the edges together, trying to keep the seams as invisible as possible.
Special heat-sealable patches are also available with an adhesive surface that activates when exposed to heat. Simply place the patch over the hole and use an iron to gently press the patch onto the garment. Make sure the iron is set to the correct temperature for the fabric to avoid damage.
At KID STORY we have a unique 'patent' for this! In our collection you will find ready-made graphic patches designed by us, which are not only practical but also beautiful. They will give your damaged garments a new and unique character. Be sure to try them out!

Repairing and educating together. It is fun!

Invite your child to mend. This activity will be a great opportunity to explain to your child why reusing materials is so important for the planet.

It is worth explaining that repairing clothes is not only an economical solution, but also a beautiful gesture towards less waste.

Let’s inspire creativity by showing that something as inconspicuous as a hole can result in experiments with interesting designs, colours, fabrics. Simply put: beauty in a new guise.

The recipe for no hole? Buy quality!

If you want to reduce the risk of finding another unexpected hole in your child's clothes, choose high-quality items that will not deteriorate after the first rubbing with the surface.

At KID STORY we create clothes with active, creative, adventure-seeking children in mind. The brand is made up of mums of little urchins who are well aware that sometimes a "mishap" will happen. But not every mishap has to end in a gaping hole.

We only use good quality materials and fabrics. The natural composition, well-chosen weights and appropriate certification mean that KID STORY garments last for many seasons of children's adventures.