Kid Story
The Better Side
of Children's Fashion

Each story begins with the introduction of its main characters. At KID STORY, it's us, Karolina and Justyna, two women who one day decided to write a new script and open a responsible fashion business. We are mothers who know exactly what our kids need, and we are aware that it is the everyday choices that affect the state of our common earthly home.

At KID STORY we write a new story about responsible fashion every day and you can explore more of its pages together with us.

Our Story of Responsible Fashion

The life of each of us is ready-made
MATERIAL for a book about the power of business dreams, coupled with family
values. From corporations and law firms to independence. From managerial and
prestigious positions to the dreams of having your own business.

After giving birth, we both decided it was time for a change. After many years, we decided to draw from our roots what our mother taught us about making clothes.

It was she, the daughter of a tailor, who showed us that the work of human hands can create real miracles, and that it is worth using the materials that you already have at hand.

Our kids have re-set our priorities. We realized that we want to create a responsible tomorrow just for them as children deserve a better future!

This is how KID STORY was created.
A clothing store where you will find children's clothes created in the best
possible STYLE: slow.

We create clothes out of respect andcare for the planet (and our kids)  

In a world dominated by fast fashion, it is difficult to buy children's clothes that are made of good and natural materials and produced in a sustainable way. We want to change that! At KID STORY you will find clothing for your kids that will be:

Of excellent quality. We focus only on natural materials obtained from plant, animal, or mineral sources such as organic cotton, wool, linen, or silk which come with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and GOTS certificates.

Safe. Our products are free of dangerous chemicals (used by some manufacturers for dyeing) and thus neutral for kids’ health.

Comfortable to wear. In our clothes, every child, regardless of gender, can play, hop, and jump, express themselves and freely explore the world in the way they like to do it.

Focused on the idea of recycle & revolve. We focus on oversize cuts that will work even for many seasons, and the above-average quality means that the clothes can be passed on and on.

Ethically created. As a FAIR-TRADE brand, we make sure that manufacture takes place in Europe and that the production chain is as short as possible (lower CO2 emissions).

Together, the two of us create clothes from the design to the choice of material and accessories. Then we supervise the sewing process, which we outsource to talented seamsters and seamstresses.

We want each item to be created with sensitivity, with attention to detail and mindfulness because these are the ideas that are close to our hearts.

Our Values

Fair trade
Less waste
Environmental friendliness
Respect for nature
Joy and creativity

KID STORY. Create a story about responsible fashion with us.