December 04, 2023

Spending time together with your child is extremely valuable in terms of their development and building a family bond. Unfortunately, such moments often slip away in the daily rush and responsibilities. That is why it is worth pausing for a moment, slowing down the pace and focusing on what is really important. Because sometimes there is simply no time to rush. At KID STORY, we know this very well.

The child grows wiser where the trees grow wider- so let's play in the forest

Did you know that playing in the woods can have an extraordinary impact on your child's development? It's a place where nature plays a central role, thanks to nature-inspired playful learning. This is where your child can develop his or her skills, enjoying the outdoors to the full.

You can set off together on a search for hidden treasures such as distinctive original stones, colourful leaves, nuts or feathers. This will not only be a lot of fun, but will also arouse your child's curiosity and interest in the world around them.

Or maybe your child is an avid adventurer who loves making base camps out of blankets and cushions? Explore the woods together! We encourage you to build tents or houses among the trees. You can use branches, leaves and other natural materials to create unique shelters. This not only develops your child's creativity and manual skills, but also teaches teamwork.

You should also encourage your child to observe nature and animals. You can go on walks together and talk about the plants and animals you come across one the way. In this way, your child develops empathy and respect for nature. And nature is important - read HERE how we protect it at KID STORY.

Urban jungle. An outdoor game in the heart of the metropolis

Together, you can plan an urban game that will take you to a magical world... the urban jungle. You can, as a parent, create a special treasure map or urban attractions that you will have to reach with your cleverness and perceptiveness.

Or perhaps you want to create an outdoor setting yourself, for example in a park? Use sustainable materials such as cardboard tubes, paper, fabric or natural objects found around to create unique props and decorations.

Such games not only develop your child's creativity, but also teach them environmental awareness and a sustainable approach to using materials.

Speaking of fabrics, READ about the importance of choosing fabrics.

Because music brings generations together. An outdoor festival

 Who says a festival atmosphere isn't good for children? At outdoor concerts, it is becoming increasingly common to see parents and even very young children sleeping charmingly in the arms of their carers with special soundproofing headphones. You can hear the beauty of the music through them, but not the rumbling noise. So if your little one enjoys similar activities and is not afraid of crowds, you can explore the artistic world together.

Remember also that music festivals and concerts are social events. You can enjoy the atmosphere together, people-watch, dance and sing together. It's a great opportunity to build family bonds and share the joy of music with others.

Playing designer and unleashing creative potential!

 A fun idea to have creative fun together in KID STORY style can be to design clothes and create interesting looks. We encourage you to make them as 'offbeat' as possible. After all, there are no limits to fashion!

Such an activity will not only be a great opportunity for you to share ideas, but also to express your temperament through fashion. You can start with simple sketches and choose your favourite colours or patterns. Then, using materials and accessories, create original and personalised outfits. Don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations of clothes and create unique combinations.

The finale of such a game can be... a fashion show attended by family and friends. The catwalk can unleash your child's hidden potential, and the praise from loved ones during the "performance" will certainly boost your child's self-confidence.

 The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. Cooking is fun! 

Through the stomach, you really can get to the heart, and cooking together is a great way to spend quality time and develop culinary skills from an early age.

When cooking, try to create an atmosphere full of joy, cooperation and curiosity. Encourage your child to express their ideas, experiment with different flavours and ingredients. Allow them to be creative and discover their own culinary preferences.

Oh, and don't forget to explain what issues such as seasonality of food, food prepping, curing or the idea of less waste and zero waste are. Show the versatile use of many household products, such as baking soda or citric acid (also in the context of washing clothes!).

At KID STORY we don't have time to rush either

 At KID STORY, we're not in a hurry to go anywhere either. Although with one exception. Because we ARE IN A HURRY to report that we are doing our job for children and parents. For responsible buying. We believe that today's purchasing decisions affect generations of tomorrow.

Create a new story of responsible fashion with us.